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T krugar

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T krugar is a independent artist on the rise.He said " I have no beginning or ending because the music I make is ever lasting". His music is based on the struggle. He creates music for people who goes through life struggles. Oschino Vasquez former state property member said " you like that pain huh".

  T krugar started making music around the age of twelve. He grow up in new haven C.T. but resides in North Carolina. He is working on a L.P. called 1963.

Through his music he hopes to reach the masses.music is his base form of communication

Truth and ghetto politics

We are creators of our own destiny.

Truth and ghetto politics

Brotherly love, relief, and truth
Truth and ghetto politics 
Studio vibes
11/21/2019 23:39
New beginnings no need to rush in a direction I'm already going.1963
11/16/2019 19:33
3 shows coming up 27th, 30th, and the 4th.
10/24/2019 12:39
Music is my way out
10/05/2019 17:39
How many of y'all like independent music?
T krugar
09/28/2019 19:53
I agree with that
09/27/2019 19:56
Spirituality is CONNECTING with something larger than yourself or KNOWING who you really are, while enlightenment is the EDUCATION or AWARENESS that brings change to your life.
09/27/2019 15:32
What's the difference between spirituality and enlightenment?
T krugar
09/24/2019 16:26
What are the best essential oils?
T krugar
09/22/2019 15:15
What's more powerful. Love or loyalty
T krugar
09/10/2019 20:21
What's better than a peace of mind?
09/06/2019 00:13
Who are some of your favorite local artist?
08/31/2019 00:33
Why must society have their own standards as what they categorize and label people as “normal”? Who is anyone to judge the “normalcy” of others?
08/30/2019 16:50
What causes people to have nightmares?
Lady Drama79
08/30/2019 20:49
So its the brain’s way of tackling difficult or stressful issues during REM. Nightmares occur in the brain’s frontal lobe which manages negative emotions. That means if you don’t address stress during the day,you can almost be certain you will have a nightmare to address them when you’re sleeping.
08/30/2019 14:31
Why kids think they invisible when they parents get on the phone?
Lady Drama79
08/30/2019 20:29
I wonder.... It seems that ALL kids act like they invisible when they parents are on the phone.. Especially mine. Like I jus didn't see you hit your sister in ya face because I'm on the phone.. Then when I get off the phone, " I didn't do that, mommy"... I just watched you.. OMG... Kids are something else...
Teonte Jenkins
08/29/2019 21:29
Mental Illness is big on our community because PTSD and Anxiety are going undiagnosed... And... We are passing our triggers down like it's our culture... Instead of fixing our selves we're breaking or children who have no idea that these feelings are not right and it normal... Hundreds of years of slavery racism discrimination has left our people in survival mode and no one has taught us to cope or handle these issues
Teonte Jenkins
08/29/2019 21:22
Best Way To Break Generational Curses is to admit you don't know the right way to do things... But... Acknowledge you know and have experienced all the wrong things... Try print yourself in your kids shoes... I do this everyday with my kids... I remember how it was too have no voice to live in fear to witness toxic love and domestic violence... I remember it... So they won't have to know it... You already know what doesn't work... Switch it up until it does work... Nobody gets it right the first time... Live and Learn... A better you starts the better next generation
Teonte Jenkins
08/29/2019 21:17
My Bio Family Bring nothing but pain and confusion... I do everything in my power to avoid them.... They do everything in they power to make me feel beneath them... Blood don't make you family
08/29/2019 18:17
@Krugar T, I feel you.. that pain definitely hits a lot different when it come from family. I know this all too well.. It hurts like hell when you think your family suppose to love you and have ya back thru thick n thin but behind ya the be quicker then ya enemy to talk about you, talk down on you, or put ya business in tha street. That hurts like hell when you are nothing but good to them and will give ya last!!
08/29/2019 18:12
How to break generational curses you ask? Hmm, the way I see it we got to choose our own path and not follow in those before us. We must want better for ourselves and our offsprings. Too often we get programmed to think this is the way things go because that’s how it was before but NO we got to decide to MAKE that CHANGE and not worry what others may say or think..
08/29/2019 14:51
Pain hits different when it comes from your own family
T krugar
08/29/2019 11:40
Why is mental illness big in the black community
T krugar
08/29/2019 03:13
What's some ideas to break generational curses?
08/29/2019 02:19
Working on a great project called 1963
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